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Adobe Premiere Pro | Adobe Premiere Pro for Windows CC 2020 14.3

Adobe Premiere Pro for Windows CC 2020 14.3


Adobe Premiere Pro Features

Intuitive Interface

The easy-to-use interface gives easy customizing, just clock and transfer all sections to other areas of window, a grouping of sections separately,  as well as the display of preferred controls, can be under the source and project previews. You can view your input files while switching the list view mode to thumbnails. With a redesigned timeline, improved media management, several search features, multi-task, and streamlined color grading, the screen panel along with customized taskbar and Project panel while focusing on materials lets you skim, scrub, and mark up for editing. Mixer panel allows you to make sound reliable and easy.

Effects Application

Just use the drag option or with simple double-clicking and apply effects with multiple adjustments. You can use different adjustment options for any selected effect and very flexibly customize them.

Integrated Workflow

The industry-leading Premier Pro with fast editing tools from TV series to feature films. The integrated workflow helps in unique and fine polishing as well as finishing with your timeline. Just focus on your masterpiece with the help of newly introduced automated tools. The program provides unlimited projects such as short clips, films, audio/video clips and much more.

Support Latest Formats

From 8k to virtual reality usage of all latest formats for editing footage. Complete integration with all types of devices lets you work easily with your media while offering the optimized content for any screen, platform, camera or format.

Multiple Tools

Adobe Premiere Pro offers multiple tools for color, audio, and graphics integrated with other apps and services. You can open the Motion Graphics template from After Effects or download from Adobe Stock for customizing it. Like this, you can integrate the program with other technologies.

Premiere Rush CC

The Premiere Rush CC is an all-in-all workflow with all types of devices. Just capture a picture, edit it, and upload it on social media for sharing with your friends. You can use a 32-bit, 64-bit version for applying Rush files.

Color Adjustment

Use curve adjustments with new Lumetri Color tools. These curves are divided into two axes and two values for an accurate as well as easy color grading. The option works very fast and easy-to-use.

Improved Audio & Video Support

The latest Essential Sound panel offers new sliders for dialing down or gets rid of background noise. Additionally, VR-180 with optimized ingest and effects allows you to create an immersive video. The program enables you to upload your videos in Google VR 180 format on any platform such as YouTube

Compatible with Adobe Tools

The Adobe Mercury Playback Engine enables you to work with numerous video formats. The Adobe is including with Live Text templates, Masking, Tracing, Master Clip effect and quick editing workflow. Now you can edit, trim, adjust effects, stabilize footage, sleekness, and Multicam option.

 Main Features

  • creating cinematic effects and graphical designing
  • streamlined color grading
  • 3D engine for texting
  • Effects Application
  • Integrated Workflow
  • Support Latest Formats
  • Multiple Tools
  • Premiere Rush CC
  • Color Adjustment
  • Improved Audio & Video Support
  • Compatible with Adobe Tools






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