Trending - All in one app

Trending – All in one app

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Ever wondered what’s the world up to right now?
If the answer is yes, then this is the app for you.

Google, Youtube, Reddit, Twitter, Wikipedia and News trends in one app.

Keep up with fastest rising Google searches, viral Youtube videos, top and hot Reddit posts, trending Twitter hashtags and tweets, top and latest news from 70+ news sources and most read Wikipedia articles.
Get worldwide trending searches, videos, reddit posts, news, hashtags and wiki articles at your fingertips.

Use widget to add trending to your home screen and check whats trending in the world without even opening the app. Check below how to add Trending widget to your home screen.

▪ Track fastest rising searches from Google trends.
▪ Trending topics with images, news snippet and search count.
▪ Get trending topic details from multiple news sources.

▪ Know what the whole world is watching right now from YouTube trends.
▪ Watch viral videos right from the app.

▪ Enjoy whatever’s trending on Reddit.
▪ Get Top, Hot and Controversial reddit posts of all kinds – images, gifs, videos or articles
▪ Read all the posts comments – thats where the actual fun is.
▪ Save your favourite images to your phone.

▪ Read news from 70+ news sources.
▪ News from Politics, Technology, Business, Entertainment, Sport and much more.

▪ Get more realtime Trending hashtags with Twitter.
▪ Get to know whats trending now on twitter not just in your Country but your neighbourhood too.
▪ Read all the tweets from your favourite celebrities to anyone who recently posted about it.
▪ Save tweeted images you love to your phone.

▪ Read what the world is reading on the biggest Encyclopaedia in the world – Wikipedia.
▪ Get all the currently trending Wikipedia articles from the world.

Supports over 60 countries.

** How to add Trending widget to your Home screen **

– First, touch and hold an open space on your home screen. You’ll see an option at the bottom of the screen to view the widgets drawer, which is where they dwell until summoned for duty.
– Select widget and drag and drop Trending icon from the list of widgets to your home screen.
– Thats it, Trending widget can take as small as a postage-stamp-size piece of your Home screen real estate or can be resized to cover the full screen.
– Click the refresh button to load the latest trending topics around the world. Tap on the tool bar to open trending app to check more about the trends.

Trending - All in one app

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