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 BitComet for Windows

   BitComet for Windows 1.70

BitComet for PC Windows is an HTTP and FTP client of BitTorrent specifically used for download as well as share files online. The P2P file-sharing freeware program entirely compatible with BitTorrent easily distributed 100MB or GB files with high-speed. The tool has the ability to support real-time downloading, queue download, selected downloads from the torrent package, quick resume, communication, disk cache, speed limits, auto port mapping, proxies, IP-filter, and a lot more>

              BitComet for PC Features

                             Easy-to-use Interface

The interface resembles all torrent clients and familiar with eMule. The features are on the left panel, on top of the control buttons and downloading torrents are in the center of the main window. The options like stop, pause, cancel, update, and others are available with a handy option “remove torrent & all files” is also there for removing all unnecessary torrent from your system. In fact an easy-to-use interface with multiple simple features>

                                Torrent Manager

Open .torrent files online and search files for downloading directly from the program which is included with links of main sites. The tool automatically opens the Magnet Links and launch trackers for uploading, providing a list for detailed information about file features, transferring speed, contents, images, related comments, and also multiple downloading from multiple protocols with enhanced performance>

                               Speedy & Effective

Despite having a little heavy resource, the tool with fast downloading speed can compete with other P2P torrents in an effective way. With speed, the limiter option enables you to give rest to your system. “Preview media” option is used for consecutive downloading instead of random downloads and you can also preview your multimedia downloads>

                                Download Manager

BitComet works more reliably as it skips file as well as set them from higher to lower priorities, create files queue, section-wise downloading, auto-restart, and download data in torrents from non-BitTorrent sources> 

                               Intelligent Disk Cache

Enjoy the 500 Kb/s transfer rates through the feature ‘intelligent disk cache’ which need a high-speed connection. The feature enables the BitComet to cache the contents to access the disk infrequently. It also decreases the reading and writing frequency of your system without slowing down your system>

                                     Main Features

  • An HTTP and FTP client of BitTorrent
  • P2P file-sharing freeware program
  • Distributed 100MB or GB files with high-speed
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Torrent Manager
  • Speedy & Effective
  • Download Manager
  • Intelligent Disk Cache
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