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Pale Moon for Windows

Pale Moon for Windows 28.12.0

Pale Moon Browser for PC Windows is typically based on Firefox engine along with some unique and effective features which improve its speed, effectiveness, as well as stability. An open-source web browser especially available for Microsoft Windows as well as Linux giving the fastest navigation experience>>>>>
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             Pale Moon Browser Features

                                    Simple Interface

The app with the simple interface the same as the Firefox, and very easy to modify by users if they like. And if you are used to Firefox, you can easily find out different options. The app has removed the accessibility options as well as integrated parental control to make easy access to web pages>>>>>>>>>>>


In addition to custom features and security measures, the app provides fool-proof security while surfing online. Supports HTML5, WebGL, and CSS3 to make your browsing more stable and saves you from different browser crashes>>>>>>>
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                                     Portable App

With a simple installation process, just drop the app in the hard disk and hit the key to perform functions. You can also move the app towards a USB stick or any portable device to run on any PC effortlessly>>>>>>>

                                     Swift & Smooth

Pale Moon mainly identical to Firefox with a reliable reaction speed as well as smooth working without any hang crash or pop up error dialogs. You can optimize the browser for an improved speed as well as unlimited customization and configuration options that make the browser your own>

                                      Migration Tool 

Providing a migration tool that enables you to import content from Firefox effortlessly.  Additionally supports a great variety of themes with the freedom over any element’s design. The browser requires an operating system with Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, Server 2008 and later with the Processor support for SSE2, and RAM of 256>>>>>>>>
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                                  Main Features

  • Typically based on Firefox engine
  • An open-source web browser
  • Available for Microsoft Windows as well as Linux
  • Simple Interface
  • Fool-proof security
  • Supports HTML5, WebGL, and CSS3
  • Portable App
  • Swift & Smooth
  • Migration Tool 

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