Camtasia | Free Camtasia for Windows 2020
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Camtasia | Free Camtasia for Windows 2020

         Camtasia for Windows 2020.0.7

Camtasia for PC

            Camtasia for PC Features

                                     Simple Recording

Camtasia Studio Recording of anything you want whole screen or just a Window, capturing of PowerPoint slides, demos, or WebPages with an addition of video, images, audio, and PowerPoint presentation>

                               Smooth Editing

A streamlined video editing gives a professional look to your creation. Simply combine multiple clips, trimming, high or low speed of dotage. It also enables you to take an instant preview of the video editor>

                                Addition of Effects

Get a polished video just like being a video pro through the addition of effects like highlights, animation, titles, transitions, notes, shapes, captions, and a lot more. Drag- and- drop with ease on your timeline and share it with friends>

                              Easy Cursor Movements

The handy app makes your experience gigantic and impressive with larger use of the cursor. Just click on animation or highlights to make mouse movements easier to track. You can also record keystrokes on screen for an easy following to users.

                              Add moving Graphics

The layering of an intro as well as outro sequences and title animation for creating combined quality throughout all your videos


Audio Files is the best way of creating a professional-looking video. The app provides a large variety of songs without any fees and you can add your own content too

                                  Drop-in PowerPoint

With a simple dragging of PowerPoint presentation from the app, select the slides and import them to your timeline

                                    Use of Multimedia

Create better communication through the addition of videos, and narration to your selected slides. To make your presentation more effective add recorded webcam footage


                        Improve Learning with Videos

Make your videos best for online learning by adding quizzes for the active interaction of students


Ready-to-use themes with custom colors and fonts make your recording reliable and attractive

                                         Main Features

  • Screen recording for Windows PC
  • recorded webcam footage
  • Use of Multimedia
  • Customization
  • Improve Learning with Videos
  • Drop-in PowerPoint
  • Music
  • Add moving Graphics
  • Easy Cursor Movements
  • Addition of Effects
  •   Smooth Editing
  • Royalty-free assets
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