OBS Studio | Free OBS Studio for Windows
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OBS Studio | Free OBS Studio for Windows

OBS Studio for Windows 25.0.8

OBS Studio Free Download for PC Windows is a wonderful and handy program. It’s used for video and audio recording with live streaming online. A simple app designed for beginners, gamers, developers. And artists to avail the usability of it through tutorials and live streaming online.  Multiple streaming services like YouTube Studio, DailyMotion, Twitch Client, CyberGame. Cash Play, Hitbox, and a lot more are available on the software>

OBS Studio Free Download for PC Features

                          Incredible Performance

OBS Studio Download Incredible performance to capture as well as mix the audio and video in real-time. Use a wide range of sources and scenes, concluding of text, window captures, image. Browser windows, slideshows, webcam, capture cards, and a lot more

                            Unlimited Scenes & Sources

OBS (open broadcaster software) Custom transitions help you to manage seamlessly switching of an unlimited number of scenes. These scenes can be gathered from multiple sources. Multiple flashing filters for masking, color correction, and chroma are available too

                            Instinctive Audio Mixer

The per-source filters like noise gate, noise suppression. And gain is available on the audio mixer to adjust the volume of sources. VST plugin helps you to take full control. You can easily change the browser source outputs to the speaker or to stream through monitoring settings.

                               Configuration Options

A wide range of configuration options is accessible through the Streamlined Settings panel. Click on ‘Apply Setting’ and configure manually, and tweak any part of the video. OBS Download will enable you to add new sources, duplicate an existing one, as well as adjust their properties seamlessly>

                           Customizable Transition

The customizable transitions help you to create professional video productions. Through configuring hotkeys for any type of action. Like to start or stop streaming between scenes, push to talk, mute audio sources, and a lot more>

                                  Modular Dock

You can arrange the layout through a Modular Dock interface. Any individual Dock can be pop out through its own window. In addition, you can easily create a complete customized setup that will work according to your needs>

                                 Studio Mode

Studio Mode enables its users to compare as well as customize transition with few clicks. It helps you to preview the perfection of scenes and sources before streaming. With the integration of text, media, desktop recording. Gaming, obs screen recorder, and webcam streaming record videos from different sources. And Multiview helps you to view your production>

                                   Main Features

  • Video and audio obs recording with live streaming online
  • Multiple streaming services like YouTube, DailyMotion, Twitch, CyberGame, CashPlay, Hitbox
  • Incredible Performance
  • Instinctive Audio Mixer
  • Configuration Options
  • Customizable Transition
  • Modular Dock interface
  • Studio Mode
  • Multiview
  • Set hotkeys for actions.
  • Completely free and open-source

                      Releated other Version Links

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