Supercopier-32-bit-| Download-2020 Latest,for Windows 10
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Supercopier-32-bit-| Download-2020 Latest,for Windows 10



 Supercopier is a very handy file management

application that can help you to take full control

over file copying, transferring or moving any

amount of computer files in a safe environment

Built from the ground up to provide users with

the ways to closely observe results of each file

transfer session (including verifying checksums

viewing errors and applying filters), this app can

easily serve both computer novices who want

reliable file copy service and seasoned

professionals who want to make sure their work

is transferred to the target location without any

data corruption. Even though the app is

lightweight and features a simple interface  it

has a wide array of very useful tools that help it

be one of the most flexible dedicated file transfer

manager apps on the market And the best thing

of them all, Supercopier is completely free for

both personal and commercial use and can be

started on almost any modern desktop and

laptop PCs  

Supercopier-32-bit-| Download-2020 Latest,for Windows 10
While this version of Supercopier is packaged

inside an automated installer, a special portable

version can also be found and easily used from

any modern portable storage device of your

choice (such as USB storage stick

Installation and Use

The program is not a big application, and

therefore you will be able to install it very quickly

on your desktop PC or laptop by simply following

on-screen instructions. Mere seconds after .

starting the installation, you can start the app

and see the simple-but-powerful toolset it

provides. By default, It will be located in the

system tray area of your taskbar, and most

commonly used functions (copying, transferring

or moving) are accessible from its right-click




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