one Key Ghost | Free Ghost 2020 | New Ghost Free
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one Key Ghost | Free Ghost 2020 | New Ghost Free

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Ghost is an open source CMS built on Node-js  It has been around for a while and has grown a
strong following because of its commitment to open source and staying an independent
company. Ghost is even so open source and transparent, you can view their revenue and earnings
Ghost can be a solution that is hosted by Ghost at – or you can host your own instance on your
 own hosting solution like Digital Ocean.
Ghost’s pricing increased based on monthly views
 and staff on hand. Hosting it yourself on Digital Ocean
means you only have to pay for the servers you create.
Ghost Features>>>> one Key Ghost | Free Ghost 2020 | New Ghost Free
Ghost has a lot of useful features.—
 clean and modern UI
Easy to use content editor
Mobile content management
Beautiful themes
Hundreds of integrations with newsletters, and more
User memberships built-in (if using the Ghost hosted version-
Be used as a Headless CMS
The one feature that I’m most interested in recently is
 that Ghost can be used as a Headless CMS—-
 This means we can create a Ghost site and consume
 its content via API using a tool like Gatsby.
 Ghost supports the JAMstack model!

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