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Victim of PIA flight crash | crash PIA flight

The PIA released a list of names of
passengers on board The 99 passengers include 51 male
passengers, 31 women and 9 children,
including President Bank of Punjab Zafar Masood,
Senior Journalist Ansar Naqvi, Yasmeen Akbani,
Farwa Ali, Armghan Ali, Fauzia Arjumand,
Fateh Elahi, Rahim Zain, Kashif, Shabbir Ahmed
and others. Included>

Karachi News Latest, May 22,2020,
PIA has released the list of names of
passengers on board the plane, 99 passengers
include 51 male passengers, 31 women and
9 children, Bank of Punjab President
Zafar Masood and senior journalist Ansar Naqvi.
The name of is also included in the passengers.
For details
According to the list of passengers
on board the plane, Yasmeen Akbani, Farwa Ali,
Armaghan Ali, Fauzia Arjumand,

Elahi, Rahim Zain, Kashif, Shabbir Ahmed,
Rizwan Ahmed, Bilal Ahmed, Abid Zara,
Fatima Al-Zahra, Mohammad Tariq, Muhammad Waqas,
Iqra Shahid, Khalid Sher Dil and others. Similarly, Captain Sajjad Gul was flying the
plane, accompanied by Officer Usman Azam.
Farid Ahmad Chaudhry, Abdul Qayyum Ashraf,
Malik Irfan, Airhostess Madiha Iram, Amna Irfan,
Asma Shahzadi,
all the staff members are from Lahore

Twenty passengers have been rescued from
the wreckage of the plane at Jinnah Garden.
The bodies of a 5-year-old boy and a man
have been recovered from the wreckage- The injured passengers are being rushed
to the hospital in ambulances. It should be
noted that PIA flight PK8303 crashed
near Karachi Airport. The Airbus 320 had 107
passengers on board. Including 99 passengers
and 8 crew members. The Airbus 320 left Lahore
Airport for Karachi at 1.10 p-m-

The flight had reached Karachi from Lahore when
the plane crashed during landing. The plane was ready to land at Karachi Airport-
The pilot also gave a landing signal- But
one minute before landing- the plane lost
contact with the control room
and crashed into the population of Model Colony-
The initial cause of the crash
was said to be a technical fault that the
wheels of the plane were not turning
during landing>
The crash also severely damaged
several homes- The roof on which the plane crashed-
It is badly damaged. As soon as the plane
crashed, the plane caught fire. From which
the sky will become smoke clouds. The Civil
Aviation Authority has confirmed the crash-
Emergency has been declared in the affected
area of ​​the airport and Model Colony as soon
as the plane crash was reported. Hospital
staff have also been alerted>

Rescue teams rushed to the spot and
started rescue operations. The fire brigade
is busy putting out the fire in the plane-
Rangers and police have cordoned off the area-
To prevent people from approaching the wreckage-
In addition, according to ISPR, Pakistan Army
Quick Reaction Force and Rangers have reached the

Participating in relief operations with the
civil administration. Damage assessment and
rescue operations are being carried out
by Pakistan Army aviation helicopters-
Urban search and rescue teams have also
arrived on the scene for relief work–
In addition, PIA spokesman Abdullah said he
would hold a detailed press conference
shortly regarding the crash. The public should
not believe the rumors. He said that the plane
was not very old, the age of the plane
was 10 to 12 years, it would be premature
to say anything about the technical fault>



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