Urdu Stylish Name Maker-Urdu Name Art-Text Editor

Urdu Stylish Name Maker-Urdu Name Art-Text Editor


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Urdu Stylist Name Maker is a Urdu text editor to create stylish and fancy name on photo with stylish fonts. Stylish text creator create stylish text on photo. Stylish name maker 2019 is used to create stylish name maker on pic.
Urdu Stylist Name Maker creates stylish text using stylish font keyboard in app by applying stylish fonts to stylish text. Stylist Text Maker make stylish name for facebook display picture.
Features of Stylish Urdu Name Maker:
— Stylish text on picture taken from Gallery
— Stylish name on photo from Camera
— Stylish Urdu name on Birthday cake for wishing birthday to your friends and family.
— Stylish text creator on bracelet
— Urdu Stylish text on heart background for expressing your love.
— Create Stylish name on Jewellery like heart necklaces,pendant, bracelet,etc
— Stylish Text Name Art on beautiful HD backgrounds and wallpapers.
— Design a stylish text wallpaper for your phone and display photo.
— Urdu Poetry on your photo for posting on social media.
— Stylish text art in Urdu
— System Keyboard and Built-in Urdu Keyboard
— Urdu Text on Photo
— Urdu Poetry Collection – Urdu Poetry on Photo
— Beautiful collection of stickers like shapes, frames, love, Islamic, etc
— More Stylish Text featured like shadow, outline, transparency
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How to Use:– Pick a stylish picture from gallery or from templates in application.
— Type Urdu text in text editor using Urdu keyboard and add to photo
— Apply stylish fonts from a list of fonts to make stylish text
— Resize stylish text to adjust on photo
— Change color of text using color picker to make more stylish according to photo
— Change background to Birthday Cakes, Love heart, Bracelets, Necklaces, etc
— Save photo to your work gallery
— Share with friends and family or on social media like facebook, whtasapp, instagram and many more.
Urdu Stylish Text Maker is helpful and very easy to use. Hope you will enjoy this application and feedback us to make it more stylish.

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