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USB Disk Security Final | Free USB Disk Security

USB Disk Security Final | Free USB Disk Security
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USB security- When you connect a USB drive to your computer, this program automatically scans it to make sure it’s not brining any unwanted programs with it. Anything suspect is stuck in Quarantine, where you can take a look at it and decide whether it’s a threat or not. You can also use the app to secure your own USBs by adding password protection and access control, so you can be sure no one can access your data if you lose your device.
URL scanner: There are also some nice Web security features included in this program. One of these is the URL Scanner, which lets you enter any URL to see if it’s a safe one to visit, so you don’t endanger your computer while browsing,
Terrible help: The Help file that comes with this program is a jumble of information, and it doesn’t always match up with what you see on your own screen when using the app. While the app’s interface is straightforward enough that you shouldn’t have much trouble finding the features you’re looking for, it would be nice to have a usable reference when problems arise as well,
USB Disk Security is a good option, especially if you often connect devices from other users to your computer or if many different people use the same machine. Its other features make a nice bonus as well, and the program is completely free to download and use

Serial Key

UserName = APPLE
Serial = 17726

Serial = 18053

UserName = YAHOO
Serial = 17868

UserName = WORLD
Serial = 17860

Serial = 17936

UserName = ALGEBRA
Serial = 17826

Serial = 17953

Serial = 17953

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